Sunday, March 20, 2011

Get the Facts


Did You Know!

You can totally eliminate your monthly grocery and gasoline cost? Drastically reduce your cost for prescriptions, electronics, clothing, baby goods, toys, and gifts – almost anything your family needs.

This is not a government program, or expensive buying club or a program with monthly fees. You will not only save money you can make money too!

Get the facts!

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's your Life - It's up to you!

Below is just a great way to put MPB into prospective… and makes you think!

All  these examples do NOT imply that gasoline is  cheap; it just illustrates how outrageous some  prices are....

You will be really shocked  by the last one!
(At least, I  was...)

Compared  with Gasoline......

Think  a gallon of gas is  expensive?


This  makes one think, and also puts things in  perspective.

Diet Snapple 16 oz $1.29 ...  $10.32 per gallon

Lipton Ice Tea 16 oz $1.19  ..........$9.52 per gallon

Gatorade 20 oz $1.59 .....  $10.17 per gallon

Ocean Spray 16 oz $1.25  ......... $10.00 per gallon

Brake Fluid 12 oz $3.15 ......  $33.60 per gallon

Vick's Nyquil 6 oz $8.35 ...  $178.13 per gallon

Pepto  Bismol 4 oz $3.85 .. $123.20 per  gallon

Whiteout  7 oz $1.39 ....... . $25.42 per  gallon

Scope  1.5 oz $0.99 .....$84.48 per  gallon

And  this is the REAL KICKER...

Evian  water 9 oz $1.49..$21.19 per gallon! $21.19 for  WATER and the buyers don't even know the source 
(Evian  spelled backwards is  Naive.)
Ever wonder why printers are so cheap?
       So they have you hooked for the ink.
Someone calculated the cost of the ink  at...............
(you won't believe it....but  it is true........)
$5,200 a gal. (five thousand two hundred dollars)

So,  the next time you're at the pump, be glad your car  doesn't run on water, Scope, or Whiteout, Pepto  Bismol, Nyquil or Heaven forbid! - Printer Ink!  
Just  a little humor to help ease the pain of your next  trip to the pump...
Now that we put gas into perspective, let's think about our finances. If you work a job and do not have a home based business, you are paying at least $3K- $5k more in taxes than you should.  If you look at the free gas and grocery program which is a $10 sign up fee for a whole year of usage of a  personal internet website, then you buy $200 worth of groceries you were already going to buy, then you get to write off your internet at $50 a month ($600 for the year) and your cell phone $100 a month ($1,200) that is $1,800 with just two of the countless tax write-offs you get with having a home based business. 

Take that $1,800 and put it on line 12 of your 1040.  If you are in a 25% tax bracket, 25% of $1,800 if $450. That means Uncle Sam will refund you $450 for spending $210.  Now if you refer 2 people and teach them the same tax write off and then teach them to teach 2 people, our company is going to give you a check for $100 for cycling, $50 for each person you teach and a $200 Walmart card.
Hear is the catcher. Go on Google and put in the phrase " A penny doubled every day is how much?"  Google will give you an answer of over 10 million dollars.  As an intelligent person, do the math with this grocery business.  If every person helped two people to see the light for 30 days, every single person on our team would be a millionaire by the end of the year.

Don't believe me? Do your homework.  If you don't know your rights you don't have any.

We can't fix stupid but we can empower our fellow Americans.

Monday, March 7, 2011

MPB TODAY now is the time!

Now is the time to come aboard see why in this short video!

Listen. There are two roads ahead of you right now. You can stay on the one you're already on or... you can head off in a fresh new, exciting direction. One where money comes fast and easy. One where you get the lifestyle you've always wanted. What's it to be?

And right now, you have to make a decision. A decision that could alter the course of your life.

Do you keep traveling along the road you're already on?
Maybe stay in that job... collect your pay check and look forward to retirement many years down the line.
Do you seize this chance with everything you've got.
Say "I've had it!" to your current situation and make a stunning transformation that brings in the lifestyle you deserve.
One where you don't have to worry about money...
One where your dreams become a reality...
One where you live life to the full.
That's what life is all about. I believe we're not put on this earth to be office drones or to while away our time in mediocrity until we croak!
Nope... we're here to get the MOST out of life. And that means raking in all the money you ever wanted...
That means having the freedom to choose your life... to buy what you want... and to leave behind stress and worry for good.
So here's what to do next.
Watch this video and say YES like many others have already done  Click Here and join as an affiliate now.  You will recieve an email from me with all the training materials you will need to start ASAP.

See you at the TOP!

212 Degrees

Tony Robbins interviewing Frank Kern and John Reese
-Why are the poor getting poorer and the rich get richer- 

"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want!" ---  ZIG Ziglar

Is MPB Today  A Pyramid Scheme?


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See you at the Top!