Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Message from Dianne Varnadoe:

Message from Dianne Varnadoe:
The Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies and Grand Opening Celebration Party of the First Orlando MPB Grocery Pick-Up & Delivery Hub was an amazing success! With huge overflow crowds from 2 PM - 9 PM with around 300 to 400 hundred excited people showing up to be part of this historical event in history.

This proves beyond a shadow of doubt that Gary Calhoun, MPB CEO, and Mike Paris, Logistic Coordinator, are totally committed to their mission of becoming the largest home grocer in the country. They have done exactly what they said they were going to do in Orlando.This is just the beginning. Since Gary's announcement one week ago about the Independent Hub Opportunity, they have already started the process of opening hundreds of new hubs all across the nation.

I would like to thank everyone that had a part in making our Grand Opening and Open House a great success. It was definitely a great example of teamwork. Special thanks to Cindy Wilbourn, Jeanne Roberts, Renate Googins, Gene Green, Tammy & Hannah Varnadoe, Kimberly Obrien, Margie Hunter, Mark Hershberger, Rodney Carden and Stevie Gore, Paul & Shirley Stephens, Joanne & Bob Bridgens. Please let me know if I forgot to mention someone there were many others I am sure.

Special thanks also to Jim and Joy Atteberry of Copy Fax & for their great help with the printing and signs. Thanks to all our affiliates and leaders. You are a perfect example of people helping people.  I would also like to thank Mat Duncan, our local Photographer for great job.  Also special thanks to Richard Ireland & Shawn Moksnes for the DJ, music & sound system, video and Training Presentation.

Our Double Diamond, Ted Theodoropoulos, MPB Top Money Earner from Clearwater thrilled the crowd with his success tips and training as well as his delicious healthy homemade cheesecakes. Jim Heckman, MPB Platinum Leader from Winter Haven was also a great inspiration.

The opening of the Orlando Hub is just the beginning of history as MPB Today, the marketing arm for Southeastern Delivery, continues their mission across with the greatest opportunity in the History of Network Marketing. We have just started to scratch the surface....this is just the very tip of the iceberg...we are going to continue to change lives and bless others one family at a time as this great mission stretches from coast to coast and beyond!
Nothing else can compare to what we have!  We are not only changing the way people shop for groceries but we are offering the most unique greatest opportunity in history.

Thank you again to everyone and especially our great Orlando & Central Florida Team of MPB affiliates. You are a perfect example of... "people helping people".

MPB is Making People Better Today!

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