Thursday, July 14, 2011

The MPB Today Compensation Plan...

The MPB Today Compensation Plan is based on a 2 x 2 Follow Me Matrix, which involves “cycling”. An initial $200 investment pays for your first grocery voucher which is redeemable at Southeastern Delivery. However, if you wait until you cycle the board you can trade in your voucher for a $200 Sam’s Club Card / Walmart Card, pick up $100 to $300 cash, and repeat the process over and over again when you refer others to the service who wish to save money on their groceries at Southeastern Delivery, or Anything available at Sam’s Club and Walmart. Shop for free and get paid to do it.
Discover The Potential That is Literally at Your Fingertips This Very Moment By Using Our Proven Exclusive Team Training, Systems,
and Resource Site.

And Remember That You Also Get $50 Commission For Each Person Your Refer, So If You Refer All 6 Of Your First Cycle That Would Generate $300.00 + a $200.00 Walmart Gift Card!
 mpb today sales bonus
No need to work your tail off for 3+ years.
Make Upfront commissions now AND big passive income as your referrals duplicate your success:
mpb today phase 2
mpb today phase 2 matching bonuses
mpb today
Has The Potential To Eliminate Your Grocery Bill While Earning You a Full Time Income!
  The potential to get into profit within your first week ... possibly your first day!
  Paid Weekly!
  Passive income via the 2x2 Super Matrix
  Truly valuable product that Everyone Wants and Needs

How do you get paid?
Your payments are sent to you directly from MPB Today, right to your house in the form of a check. You'll receive a notice from MPB Today the instant you cycle:

Congrats on Cycling (Your Name Here) MPB Today

To learn more, get on a company call:
mpb today calls
or visit:

Quite A Deal, Isn't It?

Of Course It Is!  In Fact, This Is One of The Best Opportunities I've Ever Seen In The Industry.  Out Of Thousands Of Opportunities, I Chose This One Because It Stood Out Like A Shining Star In So Many Ways...
Everyone Needs Groceries and Who Wouldn't Want to get Paid To Elimante Their Grocery Bill?!
Everything seems perfect , right? And, it seems Like MPB Today Would Provide You With Everything You Would Need To Succeed ...RIGHT??
You may be surprised, but the answer is...
I cannot stand hearing people say that all you need to do is join xyz business and they will give you everything you need to succeed.  I Can't Stand Hearing That!!
If you EVER hear that from ANYONE, run away or hang up on them as fast as you can...and call them a scam artist right before you do! :)
When you join a business opportunity, you will be instructed to market your affiliate link. Well guess what?  That's what they tell every single affiliate to do.  So when you have a bunch of affiliates marketing the same exact website...

You haven't differentiated yourself from the competition.  Even though MPB Today has a great product , and a powerful compenation plan, if you market their company-provided replicated website, you're not giving your prospects ANY reason to join you. You are simply a replicated website, and for all they know, there isn't even a real person behind the site you're working so hard to promote.
Do you think I promote my MPB Today company provided repliacted sites?... HINT HINT

First of all
, you need to develop specific skills to become successful in this industry. No business opportunity can magically give you these skills.  They can provide you with resources, support, and a very compelling opportunity to market...but not the skills.
These skills can be developed by educating yourself and learning through trial and error. But a much quicker way to pick up the skills that lead to success in any industry is to learn from an experienced mentor and team of leaders that already have those skills, and already have the training in place for you to develop those EXACT you can start enjoying the EXACT same results in excess of $10,000 per month as well.
"It Is For That Reason That We Have Created
Complete With All Of The Tools, Capture pges, Systems, Training, and Video Tutorials Detailing Exact Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Grow Your Wealth
Systematically With Your MPB Today!"

But let's make one thing VERY clear...

I WILL NOT PUSH YOU OR PRESSURE YOU with some lame sales pitch to get you to sign up with Scraper Pro. You and I must both confidently agree that you would be a positive addition to the team. When people get pressured into something, it only creates future headaches and people who whine and complain will quit anyway.
I only answer your questions honestly and I may say things you don't want to hear like:
"John (or Jane), THIS MAY NOT BE FOR YOU...."
Everyone says they just want to deal with someone honest and upfront.
So don't worry. You can call me and ask your questions and you'll get straightforward answers.
Remember, we're looking for BUSINESS PARTNERS...
See, I'm dead serious about your success. And I'm dead serious about choosing to work only with people that are mentally ready to follow simple instructions and a simple system.  
Are you ready to learn how to turn the internet and your computer into your own personal ATM machine?
Let's make another thing clear...this is 100% your choice and I am not here to convince anybody on anything. I am here to work with truly dedicated and serious individuals, who are at the right time in their life to take advantage of the tools and knowledge I have to offer them. End of story.


Sign up with MPB Today and you will automatically become a new member of one of the most innovative and fastest growing teams in the industry.  After you sign up, prepare for
Massive Results in your new business as I pour my laser focused energy into helping YOU experience real success.

I promise you…now is the moment to take action.

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