Thursday, July 14, 2011

Is MPB Today Right for you?

Is MPB Today For Right For You?
The MPB Today program is without question a program that even inexperienced marketers can do with success.    There are many opportunities out there, some with insanely lucrative pay plans, but the skill level required is just too much for most people.
MPB Today is truly something that the average person can do, provided they have made the decision to build a business for themselves.  And when you factor into this the fact that I provide comprehensive marketing training and resources for my people this becomes really nothing more than a question of following steps.
On thing you have to keep in mind is that the product for MPB Today is groceries.  MPB is the network marketing arm for Southeastern Delivery, a prominent home grocer-delivery service.
Why do you need to keep this in mind?
Well, just think about some of the products out there in the world of network marketing.
How about having to stock your garage with juices, and vitamins, and soap and shampoo, various cleaners, etc.?  How about if these are things you don’t even use?  Yeah, I know you “should use the products”.  They all say that but frankly most of the time the only reason the distributors are using the products is because they are getting their auto-ship and if you don’t agree with that you either don’t know anything about his industry or you are in hopeless denial.
Now, get this… you are going to be buying groceries regardless of whether you join MPB Today.  Am I right?   So how about if, instead of having a garage full of crap that you would never use otherwise you actually get your groceries with your start up cost?

Here are some things you can ask yourself:
  • Is the product something that people use?
  • Is it simple enough for the average person to understand?
  • What am I required to produce/attain?
  • Do I have the ability to communicate to others?
  • Do I have a “drive” or “motivation” to get ahead?
  • Do I desire to help others and to see them get ahead?
  • See, you have to think like your prospects and your down-line team.
If your answer to all of these was “yes” then there is a good chance that you can do well.  If you answer to all of these is “no”, then it’s probably not for you.
But here is how it pans out…
Someone joins for $200 (plus just $10/yr for website maintenance/admin) they aren’t exactly throwing money into an abyss.  The $200 does get them $200 worth of groceries, you see?  So you have to look at this in terms of –what is the real cost for people?  Frankly, since there is no monthly auto-ship and it’s solely a one-time $200 grocery purchase, this then becomes one of the lowest barriers on the planet for starting a business.
Now, the grocery delivery market is truly growing at an incredible rate and arguments can be made and brainstorming can be done about all the people you know who might like to have their groceries delivered but to be perfectly straight up with you I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT PEOPLE HAVE THEIR GROCERIES DELIVERED.

“Huh?” you say?
Yes, that’s right.

First of all, you can join and pay your $200 and order your groceries and have them delivered.  No issue with that at all, okay?  But, if you just hold off for a little bit, just until you have referred a couple people to the program, you can redeem your $200 for a Walmart/Sam’s Club gift card, and then you can stroll on down to “Sam's Club” and use it to purchase whatever you want.  Totally up to the consumer you see?

So, what does this have to do with you succeeding in MPB Today?

Well, just look at the value attained with the membership/start up cost.
This is a selling point for you.  Absolute worst-case is they get $200 worth of groceries, which they were going to buy anyway, you see?
I almost hate to say anything is “easy”, but in 13 years in this industry this may be the easiest product sale that I have seen… just factually speaking.  The product is groceries.  Like I said, “Everyone is a prospect”.
So if you can muster the courage to ask people this question:

“Would you spend $200 one time out-of-pocket to TOTALLY ELIMINATE your grocery bill?”

and you understand the logic of what I have just explained about, then you should be able to determine clearly for yourself whether you could succeed with this program.
Only you can decide that.  All I can do is point out the obvious.
And you know every once in a while someone will ask me something like:

Isn’t the economy just too terrible right now to be starting a business?

No.  Absolutely not.  In fact this industry — the network marketing industry– grows in the opposite direction to the rest of the economy.  When jobs are scarce and big corporations are struggling and laying people off and times are tight that is when people begin looking for ways to make money and to start their own home businesses.  So if you take the time to research the statistics yourself you will see that as the recent recession has gradually put a stranglehold on big business, the network marketing industry has completely exploded to level of membership and profit that have never been seen in the entire history of network marketing.  So, no.  This economy is perfect for this business, not to mention the fact that you are offering folks the way to eliminate their grocery bill.

Well, Let’s Get To The Review…

I know you have many questions and you are probably anxious to get to the “meat” of the MPB Today Opportunity.

And if you are the type of person who “makes things happen” in life, rather than “waiting for things to happen to them”, and you would like to join our phenomenal team and get access to a tremendous wealth of marketing training and resources, tools, lessons on how to successfully build your business, be sure to click below to join, or even take a FREE test drive with MPB Today (Yes, you can do that!), and if you have any questions whatsoever do not hesitate to email or call me.

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