Friday, July 8, 2011

MPB Today Goals and Vision

MPB Today
MPB is a direct sales company affiliated with Southeastern Delivery, a grocery home delivery service company located in Pensacola, FL.
The goal of MPB is to ensure Southeastern is among the largest full-service, delivery companies nationwide. With this industry expecting to grow from $1 Billion to over $85 in the next 10 years, the potential is virtually unlimited. Under the leadership of Gary Calhoun and a capable home office team, MPB is fully capable to handle the unprecedented expansion rate.

Gary Calhoun, President
Gary started in MLM when he got into his first opportunity shortly after college. Since that time he has excelled in numerous opportunities, such as reaching Regional Vice-President with A.L. Williams, owned a solar company and one of the largest cellular agencies in the US.
He was chosen as “Outstanding Young Men in America 1982”, and in 2003 was selected as “Businessman of the Year” by the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Business Advisory Council.
But not all ventures have been successful. Along with the success, Gary has experienced his share of failures as well. There’s a 2-picture frame on the wall in his office. In one of the picture openings, it states, “Remember Where God Brought You From” and in the other opening… his old Food Stamp card. And as many successful business people have stated, it was adversity and failure that caused them to rise. Gary firmly believes this. “Losing it all then getting up and going again brings a resolve like nothing else. I really believe the success we are experiencing today is a direct result of the adversity I’ve been through” Gary says.
One of Gary’s other attributes is that he has experience as both an affiliate and as a company owner. “When you have been in the field, spending your time, effort, gas, and money, you know more about what it takes to build a successful team and how valuable people are who do it. Plus, it gives you tremendous insight as to how to operate the home office in a more accommodating manner to affiliates.”
Outside of work… Gary is involved in and supports several charitable organizations, such as the Wings of Hope that provides support for families who have young kids with cancer, along with groups that feed the homeless, and care for abused women & children.
Plans are in the making to soon announce the start of an MPB foundation that will expand his efforts in caring for these groups. Gary says, “No child should be hungry or feel unloved when we have the power to do something about it. When people are part of MPB – they are helping do something about it. For that – I am forever grateful!”

Sue Pearson – and Field Leaders
It has been nothing short of spectacular to witness the caliber of industry leaders coming on board with MPB. They are literally the Who’s Who of the Direct Sales Industry.
The field is led by one of the top direct sales entrepreneurs...Sue Pearson.
Sue is a businesswoman, dynamic leader and successful entrepreneur that led the way in the sometimes difficult world of network marketing. Sue has served on several advisory boards, built remarkable businesses from the ground up and has shown herself to be a tremendous force for each company with which she has been involved. Sue's history includes being in the MLM industry for 30 years. She has reached the level of top producer for 5 companies, broken company sales records, one achieving the #1 director in US and # 2 in the World, out of 42 countries. She also has received certification in Network Marketing from the University of Chicago in the first class conducted for Success Magazine.

Vision & Motivation!
What is the difference between someone who just merely dreams and someone who makes their dreams come true? It’s about having a dream and pursuing it with gusto until it comes to fruition! Working with us is not just about dreaming, it’s about pursuing those dreams and making them happen, no matter how big or small.
Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come! MPB allows you an opportunity to leverage yourself financially by sharing it with others. The general feeling in most households in America these days is that of total chaos. We are all juggling... budgets, time and each other.
The average American family is faced with the same cash flow dilemma as their neighbor: how to make more money. Most families are facing a financial crisis like they have never faced before. Our program can be the key to their financial freedom… with “got-to-have” products, innovative approach and a tremendous team support system.
NOW is the time to take action! There's a better life waiting for you. It can be yours for the taking with our business opportunity! Action gives you the power - claim it quickly!

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